GUT INSTINKT brings a new attitude to leather couture. Opposing the idea of expendable fashion.

We create leather accessories with lasting value and an outspoken personality that usurp the conventional. An attitude of bold individuality that doesn't compromise the highest quality in detail and design. Because looking good has never been about behaving.


We have rejected the idea of disposable fashion, instead of creating leather belts with lasting value. Sharing our love for exceptional quality, we combine traditional materials and the finest craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. Both visionary and practical, we’ve taken a contemporary approach to the most ancient of fashion materials.



We go beyond the obvious. Our products stand apart in attitude, style, and quality. A design aesthetic that challenges the tired code of big logos and small ideas.

We revel in the unconventional and rebellious, whether it’s art, design, architecture or music. Not short on personality, our belts are made for people who make their own rules and create their own style.


GUT INSTINKT is a pioneer, fusing art and craft with an appetite for adventure. Always exploring new frontiers, we challenge ourselves to bring bold new designs for all the senses. We’re excited by the unknown and the uncharted, and create products that match the spirit of the modern nomad.

In the spirit of modern nomad, we cherish and celebrate the people and culture of all nomadic tribes and have named each of our belts after them.


We manufacture belts of exceptional quality with a deep respect for tradition. Hand stitched and hand finished on the artisan workbench, every article is distinguished by it’s handcrafted nature. We select only full-grain cowhide of outstanding character and the highest quality exotic skins from sustainable sources.

The natural marks, scars, features, and impressions of our belts signify the provenance of genuine leather. We’re committed to the finest standards and techniques, using only colour treatments and moisturising creams following vegetable tanning. We do not use detergents, solvents or oils in any of our processes.

Made in ITALY.


Rightly proud of traditional standards and techniques, every one of our belts is hand finished in Italy using full-grain cowhide or exotic skin from sustainable sources.

We’ve brought together a selection of styles from wardrobe essentials to statement pieces, each reflecting a bold individuality that doesn't compromise on the highest quality.