About us

Gut Instinkt brings a new attitude to leather couture.

We reject the idea of expendable fashion, seeking instead to create leather accessories with lasting value. In our eyes too many belts are disposable, offering little personality beyond a logo or the fashion obvious. Until now we’ve had scant choice from the gold, the bland and the ugly.

Gut Instinkt is usurping these conventions with hand crafted leather and buckles that speak a language of bohemian exuberance, rock 'n' roll audacity and languid misadventure. Looking good has never been about behaving. Indulge a sense of excitement with sharp designs and inventive combinations in form and function that break the boundaries of how and where a belt can be worn. 

Rightly proud of traditional standards and techniques, every one of our belts is hand finished in Italy using full-grain cowhide or exotic skin from sustainable sources. We’ve brought together a selection of styles from wardrobe essentials to statement pieces, each reflecting a bold individuality that doesn't compromise on the highest quality. 

The Belt. As art, not accessory.

Email address: info@gutinstinkt.com