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What A Belt Buckle Says About The Wearer’s Personality

What A Belt Buckle Says About The Wearer’s Personality

Regardless of what you wear, it is an undeniable fact that what expresses the true personality of an individual is its most visible accessory, the belt buckle. In fact, they can represent your individuality in a way you never thought possible.

How to Pick Men’s Buckles?

Men have dozens of choices when it comes to belt buckles. For instance, have you heard of a sportsman buckle? It’s perfect for someone who is involved in sports so much that their daily activities gear around sports, their evening with friends revolve around sports, and they are focused and determined.

You will always find someone wearing a sophisticated buckle belt, probably one that is handcrafted.

Then, there are some classic buckles that match with a cowboy look, classic wear, perhaps a cigar in hand and handmade Italian leather shoes.

Sophisticated buckle belts complement someone going at a successful business meeting. They can be spotted from miles away coming smoothly with an elegant style, knowing how to get what they want. 

The one who prefers wearing sterling silver buckles representing some interesting feature, such as a pirate motif, is always looking for adventures. If you are someone who prefers wearing such belt buckles, you probably would love travelling and enjoying some sophisticated symbols of journeys.

You have a unique and interesting personality. If you prefer something rebellious, you would definitely be an adventurous person, someone with long hair, a big tattoo you are proud of, not a musician but having a guitar in your hand. You may not believe it, but your belt buckle will say it all.

How to Pick Women’s Buckles?

Women belts are also a really special part of accessorising.

There are different ways a woman can wear a belt with imposing buckles, and each of these ways has their own specific means to draw attention.

If you love wearing belts and buckles on a loose piece of clothing with a nice piece of matching jewellery, this indicates that you are shy, yet still prefer sophisticated things and find this style the most comfortable one to demonstrate your own stylish touch.

If you prefer bigger loops with thicker belts and buckles that help you shorten your upper body, you must be adventurous and outspoken as well. Women who prefer wearing knitted belts have kind of a sporty nature as they prefer wearing more casual and sporty outfits.

Whatever belt buckle you may prefer to wear, make sure that it compliments your style. It must not say something different from the rest of your outfit.

Your belt buckle represents your personality. Before you choose the right belt buckle, identify first your personal style and then make sure that whatever belt buckle you prefer wearing is the actual representation of your personality.

Think of your belt as a piece of jewellery or as a casual option for you; matched with your personality will make you look more polished.

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