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The Important Role Leather Plays In Modern Fashion

The Important Role Leather Plays In Modern Fashion

There are many seasonal trends in today’s fashion that we would often like to stay for another season or more and there are fashion trends that we wish we never saw. What’s hot today might not be hot tomorrow and that means choosing your fashions carefully to ensure that you always look your best.

     One aspect of the fashion world that never seems to go out of style is genuine leather. Whether used in outerwear or when crafting a handmade leather accessory such as a handbag or belt, leather is always on trend and it plays an important role in today’s fashion industry.

The Undeniable Impact Of Leather On The Fashion Industry

     Even this year’s runways were clad in all forms of leather from rich, full leather jackets, to shiny patent leather pants, handbags and more. The impact leather has had on the world of fashion is undeniable and that has created many new trends within the leather industry to ensure that leather stays on top as a natural, sustainable textile.

Upcoming Trends In Leather Fashion

     Some of the upcoming trends in leather fashion for 2019 include bespoke clothing and apparel, new seasonal colours including cement, chocolate and rhododendron, and high end, handcrafted leather belts designed to create a style that is all their own. These trends have some of the biggest names in fashion excited for the coming year as accessories play an important role in their designs and in the sale of their newest collections.

Eco-Friendly Leather Manufacturing

     Another growing trend in the leather goods industry is a push towards more eco-friendly leather manufacturing techniques. From sourcing sustainable hides from small nomadic villages providing them with economical resources they need to survive, to using environmentally friendly tanning methods which use vegetable oil instead of harmful chemicals to prepare the hides. Being environmentally friendly and using sustainable resources is a trend that we can all get behind.


     While fashion trends might come and go, the classic, timeless look of leather is never out of style. Companies like us at GUT INSTINKT are creating some of the innovative leather goods using environmentally sound practices and it is a difference that is noticed by consumers everywhere.