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The Art Of Belt Making

The Art Of Belt Making

When GUT INSTINKT set out to create wearable art, we knew our vision and artisan craftsmanship would take us far. Fashion trends had become boring, and the industry needed something new to turn it around. By combining raw attitude and inspired artistic design, we began creating a line of leather accessories that would make us an innovative brand to be reckoned with in the industry.

Our design inspiration was to create a new take on the traditional leather belt. The disposable traditional leather belt, that is. Our focus was on exceptional quality and we needed to combine the highest quality hides, modern aesthetics and unparalleled craftsmanship to create a line of stylish and durable belts that would look and feel better with age.

Attitude and Style

What we came up with was a product that challenged everything the industry knew about style, quality, and value. A line of leather belts that had both character and style and that could be dressed up or down as and when needed. This original idea that became an unconventional, even rebellious product, exudes style and personality and is becoming the new trend in men’s and women’s fine leather accessories.

Our Belt Making Methods

We source the finest quality hides from sustainable suppliers and use eco-friendly tanning methods to create beautifully designed, handcrafted works of art. We then decided that our quality line of leather belts needed high-quality hardware including exclusively designed buckles that could add a style all of their own. When we combined these two elements into our innovative belts, we knew we were on to something special. 

Once we were satisfied that our leather goods were innovative and the best representation of our craftsmanship, we launched our newest line of inspired leather belts for men and women. As word spread of the quality and craftsmanship that went into every belt, GUT INSTINKT became known throughout, from the fashion elite to the average guy who “just wanted a good belt”, they all became part of the GUT INSTINKT community.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Using sustainable materials, eco-friendly tanning methods and skillful handcraft, every belt that leaves the GUT INSTINKT workshop is a piece of art. Each has its own identifying features including natural scars and markings that signify the provenance of the hides used. Hand finished in Italy using full-grain cowhide or exotic leathers and always on the borderline of bold rebellion, a handmade belt from GUT INSTINKT speaks volumes about the wearer and shows off their personal style and character.

Contact GUT INSTINKT To Learn More

To learn more about GUT INSTINKT and the art of belt making with some of the world’s leading leather crafters, contact GUT INSTINKT today and shop their full selection of stylish, trending belts.

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