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How to choose the perfect belt?

How to choose the perfect belt?

Whether you are a man or a woman, the belt is a subtle addition to your outfit. It’s more than a practical accessory; it is something that represents your personality.

Selecting a belt that fits with your lifestyle is not only a great investment, but it will also offer you different sorts of benefits.

Why Wear Belts?

Belts serve a purpose; they can coordinate with a pair of shoes or can make a bold statement with a contrasting colour. Whatever belts you are choosing, consider these important things before buying.

Belts must be selected as an add-on piece. Thus it must enhance your clothing choice and complete your look. Formal belts must have a few inches of leather to the left while casual ones can be flexible and with long tail ends. Regardless of your choice though, the belts must not look awkward on you, but be a perfect fit.

Belt Buckles: An Important Consideration

While choosing the right belt, also consider belt buckles. Things are simple; the bigger your belt buckle, the less formal it will look.

For formal outfits, prefer small and flat belt buckles while the larger ones, particularly with a rounded shape, would suit better a more casual style.

For men, if you are wearing cufflinks or tie tacks, choose a belt in a matching colour. However, casual belts can be adorned with almost any kind of buckle.

In casual settings, the consistency of themes is more important than the size or shape. Women don’t necessarily have to match the belt buckle with jewelry, but they must suit each other.

Women belts also provide their own specific look and draw attention to the different parts of the body in a different way. Belts, for women, are an important accessory able to highlight or change body proportions while showcasing a stylish touch.

The size and type of the buckle must also match the thickness of the belt. Bigger loops, for instance, require thicker belts.

Your body type matters too. Individuals with long torsos will benefit from a thicker belt. 

What Else to Consider?

Lastly, consider the quality of the belt you like. Nothing will feel as good as a fine handmade belt. As belts are an accessory that can be used to create a bold statement, you must go for the one that complements your lifestyle.

The colour of belt matters too. You can match your belt with your shoes or other accessories, or pick a contrasting shade. Select glossy belts with formal wear while for the casual look you can go for rare animal patterns. No matter your choice, remember that the right belt can definitely help you showcase your personality and original style.

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