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5 Types of Artistic Belts You Need Now

5 Types of Artistic Belts You Need Now

Belts are the perfect way to spruce up your outfit and define your look. Their utilitarian role has long transformed into aesthetic, while trendsetters and fashion icons have turned these neglected accessories into essentials.

Here are five types of artistic belts you must have in your closet.

1. Printed Belts

Whether it’s for men or women, a printed belt can dramatically transform a classic – and otherwise dull - outfit into a statement of style. From leopard patterns to floral motifs and various decorations, these belts mix and match with most garments.

For women, pair a thin printed leather belt with a pair of cargo shorts, a button-up shirt, and a denim jacket.

Men, instead, can pair a thicker printed belt with a pair of chinos and a slim fit sweater or tee.

2. Hand Painted Belts

An upscale to the printed belts, hand painted belts come with a huge advantage. They are unique. As any fashion aficionado knows, a unique accessory is a stylish secret that talks about your personality and individualism.

A hand-painted Italian belt, for example, is an exclusive statement of style. It works wonders in most contexts and complements most outfits, from classic to nonconformist.

Perfect for the bohemian artist as well as those with a rock-sodden spirit, the Gut Instinkt belts define your flattering vibes.

3. Embossed Belts

These are, no doubts, ideal for the rockers, for those with a nonconforming mind and soul. An embossed leather belt makes you stand out from the crowd and speaks about your guts and spirit of adventure.

Gunmetal studs often bring off the rebellious spirit of these accessories. Match your embossed belt with a pair of classic jeans and a rugged leather jacket. A matching wallet tied with a metal chain to your belt will give the final touch.

4. Laser-Cut Belts

Among the latest arrivals in the trends, laser-cut belts display unique profiles easy to match with most personalities. Whether, you’re a rebel, a creator, or an explorer, a handcrafted laser-cut belt can enhance your look and define your style.

Match it with jeans or leather garments for an aggressive biker look, with a silk shirt or dress for a bohemian appearance, or with a pair of cargo shorts and a tucked-up tee if you’re an avid adventurer.

Laser-cut belts for men and women are always a statement of style you can mix and match in the most unthinkable ways.

5. Braided Leather Belts

Favorite among Hollywood superstars the braided leather belts have been around for decades. Originally designed for women, their lines became unisex, and they now find their place in a men’s closet too.

They are the most versatile type, allowing you to size them down to your liking. Personalize your style by matching a braided belt with a hipline pair of trousers or a silk dress.

Bohemian and contemporary at the same time, the braided belt gives you the flexibility to match it with whatever you’re wearing.

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